The solution here is obviously The Westing Game, by Ellen Raskin. It’s a classic mystery about a group of strangers who are invited to move into a new luxury apartment building, only to learn that they have been made the beneficiaries of a local millionaire’s will. All of them stand to become very wealthy, if they can solve his riddle.

How about some secret society stuff?
Friend, get ye to Ninth House! Written by Leigh Bardugo, it’s a book where Yale’s secret societies are magic, and they’re also built around exploiting the poor. Our heroine has to police them, but she might be seduced into them herself. It’s a very rich, very absorbing read.

Have you tried Sarah Galley’s Magic for Liars? It stars a very hardboiled lady detective who’s investigating a crime at the magic boarding school where her sister teaches. Our girl herself doesn’t have magic, however: She’s relying on her wits alone. This one has a really carefully developed magical system that works with the mystery in fascinating ways.

We are all grieving right now. H Is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald is the best book I know of about grief and anxiety and how we are going to all get through this.

Stay safe. Stay inside as much as you possibly can. Read if it will help you. I love you all.

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